Personal Shopping

If you struggle to find the time to shop and always end up making panic buys you regret, have a special occasion coming up and want to find the perfect outfit or would like to make shopping easy and fun, then a personal shopping session could be your best option.


I can introduce you to new brands to elevate your style personality and help you find items to perfectly complement your complexion and flatter your shape. Go away feeling excited to wear your new items and show off your latest looks to friends and family with confidence.


Personal shopping with a professional personal stylist is the ultimate form of self-care and should be seen as a valuable investment rather than a luxury expense.

Personal Shopping

Where can we shop?

London or Online

If you have another location in mind, feel free to get in touch.

Personal Shopping


Where: London (I will plan the best locations in relation to your budget)


Price: £375 / £475


Time: 3hrs / 4hrs


What’s included:

Don’t want to keep adding to your overflowing wardrobe?

Head over to the wardrobe edit page to find out more about how I can help before booking a personal shopping session.

Express Shop


Perfect for a special occasion or one off event where you want to look your best


Where: London (I will plan the best locations in relation to your budget)


Price: £250


Time: 2hrs


What’s included:

Please note:

If you have not previously had your colour analysis, you will need to add this on to your personal shopping experience to ensure we can accurately shop for the best possible outcome.

 You can also check out the full Discovery Styling Package.

Personal Shopping


Where: Online


Price: £250 / £375


Time: 2hrs / 3hrs


What’s included:

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Client Testimonial
Going shopping with Louise, after helping me cull my existing wardrobe, was a revelation. I wish I’d done it ages ago! Louise knew exactly what suited me and gave me the confidence to try new styles and colours I’d never considered before - and I felt amazing. My sister will be the lucky recipient of a Weiz Styles voucher for her birthday - I know she will love it.


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